Daily Life in Ancient Ostia
the harbour city of ancient Rome

If "All roads lead to Rome," then it could be said that "All boats lead to Ostia." This was the major harbour of the Roman Empire and the crossing point for merchants from the four corners of the Mediterranean Sea. Ancient Ostia is still a perfectly preserved ancient town. In Rome, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the emperors' glory. The real life of the middle classes and a typical Roman colony can be experienced by walking along the Decumanus Maximus. After the tombs, outside the city walls, are the thermal baths, shops, fire station, and theatre. Next is the Piazzale delle Corporazioni with its import-export offices. Also displayed in Ostia are shrines for the Roman and foreign gods, as well as mills, bakeries, and houses for the common people, known as the Insulae. Thermopolium is the famous coffee place by the Forum of the City, and nearby is the imposing Capitolium. A walk in Ostia ia a must-see in order to view first hand the organization of a Roman city from water supply to safety equipment.

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