Ancient Appian Way:
Villas, baths and Catacombs.

Ancient Appian Way, the first road connecting Rome to Naples in 312 B.C. This tour allows the opportunity to step on the original rocks of the oldest highway in the Western World. The wealthy Romans chose this area as their burial place. During the Imperial Age, luxurious villas were built here as well as the first Christian cemeteries and Catacombs. The S.Callixtus' Catacombs, excavated in rock, is a labyrinth of corridors. The first common papal tomb is the crypta of the Popes. The Maxentius' complex is the next stop. The final rival of Costantine built his palace, family tomb and circus, a perfectly preserved gathering place between the emperor and the people. The final stop will be at the monumental tomb of Cecilia Metella. The life of this wealthy Roman girl is celebrated in this tower-shaped mausoleum. Now, it is one of the most evocative images of the ancient Appian way. On the return trip to Rome, along the urban part of the road, the ancient Roman Baths of Caracalla, the second largest in Rome, can be seen along with the spa of ancient Romans that included a gym, changing rooms, sauna and swimming pool. This fascinating complex inspired modern architecture. The old Pennsylvania Station in New York City was designed as a perfect replica of these baths. Half day tour

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