Christian Rome, the Basilicas: San Giovanni in Laterano, San Clemente, Santi Quattro Coronati

To understand the first steps of Christianization of Rome, one must visualize the change of the city during the passage from Roman time to Medieval. St. John in Lateran is the oldest church ever built in the world! It represents life as it was for the early Christians all the way to the beautiful decorations of the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque. The walking tour covers the area of the first residence of the Popes, the oldest baptistery of Rome and the “Scala Santa”. According to tradition, Jesus climbed this staircase to meet Pontius Pilatus. On top is the most holy chapel of relics, the “Sancta Sanctorum." Thousands of Catholics make their pilgrimage each year to visit this holy chapel. The Basilica of S.Clemente, a beautiful medieval church in Rome, is especially noted for its gold mosaics and cosmatesque floor. This is an ideal place to understand why ancient Rome is now at least twenty feet below modern Rome. To visit the past, it requires a walk underground so that the Roman levels excavated below the medieval church can be explored. Especially interesting is the Domus of Mithraeum, the Mint of Rome, and the first early Christian Church. The Church of the SS.Quattro Coronati is just beside S.Clemente. It is one of the smallest less-known treasures and the only “church-fortress” of Rome. Also, S.Silvester Chapel with Costantine’s stories in the Medieval frescoes is very unique.

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