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guest: Jeremy John Derrikson

from: Detroit (USA)

message: congratulation !The best in Rome ;-)


guest: Victor Savikas

from: Illinois (USA)

message: Elisabetta is one of the best guides we have encountered: she is very knowledgeable and has a winning personality. We recommend her highly!


guest: Kenneth Baldwin

from: Duluth (Minnesota) USA

message: Elisabetta was great. She had a fantastic knowledge about Ostia and led a great walk, and she also had a great knowledge of recent history so the past really blended with the present in terms of architecture, transportation, and culture. This was a great tour.


guest: Susan Shellery

from: Dublin (Ireland)

message: The tour of Ancient Rome was excellent. Our guide (Elisabetta) was extremely knowledgeable and has a very enjoyable snese of humour which made the tour very enjoyable. Thank you very much.


guest: Hannah Baker

from: Denver (Colorado) USA

message: The walk was just great. Elisabetta was fantastic - she was thorough, knowledgeable, personable, engaging, and clearly enjoyed what she was doing.

guest: Howard Rowling

from: Boston (Massachusetts) USA

message: Vatican City Tour: Elisabetta was very well informed, interesting and responsive to our interests and the needs of our group. We really had a great time with her.


guest: John and Sarah Freeman

from: New York City- USA

message: Ancient Ostia: Elisabetta was very good at providing insight into how exactly an archaeological site would have functioned as a living city. The time flew by with her and she was very cordial.


guest: Peter Balestra

from: Halifax - Canada

message: The Ancient Rome Tour itself was terrific. Even in the extreme heat, Elisabetta knew how to keep us in the shade for most of the tour. And the tour was extremely efficient - we saw and learned so much. Thanks!


guest: Linda Greenwich

from: Portland – Maine (USA)

message: Our Tour of Ancient Rome was everything we had hoped it would be, and that is a result of the format of the tour and our guide, Elisabetta. The route of our walk was well thought-out and organized, and it was a real benefit that Elisabetta knew which areas to take us directly to. Beyond the structure of the tour - I have to say that by far the BEST part of our learning experiences in Rome was being led and taught by Elisabetta. She offers so much information in a very tangible way that you are really encouraged to understand the historic context of the things we observed. Aside from all the great views and photo opportunities, we were treated to a high-level and understandable lesson on the lives and culture of ancient Romans and information tying the monuments along our route back to their lives and objectives. I cannot say enough about Elisabetta - as a guide she was attentive, patient, offering a helpful and cheerful attitude, and she knew everything about navigating our route; as an educator she was clear, able to convey the material to everyone in our group (which is not easy!), she was excited to show and describe the main monuments AND the small things we happened to see or inquire about along the way, and she offered such a warm and fun personality for the entire 4-hour tour. Elisabetta made our trip and tour very special and we would highly recommend her to anyone traveling to Rome!


guest: James Lee Spencer

from: Atlanta - USA

message: Elisabetta, our docent, was fantastic - she is very knowledgeable and friendly. This tour of Vatican City was the highlight of our trip to Rome.

guest: Amanda Keagan

from: Cardiff (UK)

message: Our guide Elisabetta was knowledgeable, friendly and very receptive to our questions (of which I had a million!)  she spoke with us for a few minutes at the end of the tour, standing in front of the Coliseum answering more questions we had, which was a great pleasure for us.  Grazie.

guest: James Brunswick

from: Los Angeles CA

message: Elisabetta was such a wonderful guide. Her knowledge of archeology really enhanced the tour. She was very professional and fun which made the tour of Ancient Rome one of the best.

guest: Liz Humpet

from: Washintgon DC - USA

message: Our guide Elisabetta was on time, very friendly and very knowledgeable.  We had the only teenager in the group and she was so nice to him and took great care to include him and make sure he could relate to the information given.  She even offered to let him wrap up in her scarf because he had come unprepared for the cold temperatures that morning and was really shivering.  He had a great time and so did we.  We would certainly recommend the tour of Ancient Rome to any one we know who is visiting Rome.
Thank you so much for a wonderful time!!

guest: Ken Marshall

from: Adelaide (Australia)

message: What a fabulous tour!  Elizabetha was extremely knowledgeable, not only about the ancient history of Rome but also in relation to more current events about which my husband or I enquired.  She has a very delightful demeanour and was most patient with us when we were about 10 minutes arriving because we had lost our way walking from the hotel!  It was fascinating for us to have a trained archaeologist explain the times and events relating to the site.  I would not hesitate to recommend this wonderful and enlightening tour to anyone who might be interested.   
Thank you

guest: Edward Culley

from: Seattle (U.S.A.)

message: Ancient Rome. This was a phenomenal tour for two reasons:
1.The subject matter was tremendously interesting
2. Our tour guide was exceptionally knowledgeable
With regard to the second point, over the course of the tour we discussed with our guide many historical subjects both directly and indirectly related to the Palatine Hill and found our guide to be amazingly well informed and articulate about this subject matter. It was also great that our guide was able to give us a broad historical context as to where the direct subject matter of the tour fit in the scope of history.


guest: Katie Larsh

from: USA

message: We just had the most wonderful tour of the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel yesterday with Elisabetta! With a wealth of knowledge and a dose of wit, Elisabetta opened up a world of church and art history, and made the tour one of the best we've ever experienced! One cannot help but love Romewithus! Thank you Elisabetta!